Embodied FAM Course

Taharas Hamishpacha

The secret to feminine reclamation in Jewish tradition

Taharas Hamishpacha can often feel like one of the biggest paradoxes in a Jewish woman's life.

It can be the ultimate recipe for true connection, empowerment, and wholeness. Yet, so many women feel disempowered.


How can we reclaim the true essence of Taharas Hamishpacha, to honor both the pain and profundity of niddah as more than just a passageway to the other side?


How can we make this time more meaningful?

Here are some ways to tap into this power:


Whether it's cycle charting for your wedding, boosting your kallah classes and filling in the missing gaps, feeling more empowered around your reproductive and sexual health, I'm honored to support you in this phase of your life, both as a kallah teacher and a fertility awareness educator.

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Secrets of Niddah

Niddah is a challenging experience for many women practicing Taharas Hamashpacha.

In this workshop, we touch on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of niddah, how to navigate this time in a way that feels nourishing and supportive, and how different ways of being and relating can create a richer experience of life on so many levels.

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TH Circles

This is a magical space where Jewish women come together in their shared practice of Taharas Hamishpacha.

It's raw. It's real. It's inspiring. It's messy. There's no toxic positivity. Just genuine space-holding and community. Sisters supporting sisters in the truest sense, and feeling more empowered in their religious practice and choices.

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For the Jewish woman,

Taharas Hamishpacha 

is the cornerstone of connection, unity and wholeness within marriage. 


Hey, I'm Pessy

For many years I struggled with Taharas Hamishpacha. I followed the laws as a religious Jewish woman, but there was something missing. There were resentments, misconceptions, and a sense of disconnection from the true essence of this practice. 

As I learned more about my cycle, and started to embody more of my cyclical essence and rhythm, things began to change. I learned so much about our body's inherent wisdom and how the Torah truly is in alignment with our highest, spiritual experience of this life. I share this wisdom so that more women can reclaim this sacred practice and truly feel embodied and aligned with their greatest power.

I know this is a sensitive topic with not nearly enough support available as is needed. Book your first session here to navigate the struggles that so commonly arise in this area. All calls are completely confidential and honor your individual process.