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The Private Package

Learn one-on-one and receive a customized plan 


This is a 4 month package to master the fertility awareness method and understand your hormonal health.


Become the expert of your own body.

Learn a potent skill for life.

My goal is to help you become really confident in reading the signs of your body and charting your cycles like a pro. 

FAM 1:1 Package:

This complete 4 month fully customized package (everything you will need to practice FAM perfectly) is priced at $425 per month.

SAVE by paying upfront in a single payment of $1675.

This is an investment into full 1:1 support to ultimately ensure the success of this method. Once you're my client, you're always my client and I'm here to support you through your individual process.

This package also includes access to the recorded video content of the Embodied FAM course, supportive learning materials, paper charts (or 3 months of the Read Your Body app for free) as well as hormonal health assessment and lifestyle guidance (if desired) based on your charts. 

Learn how you can do this!

My Story

When I first started out there was no one giving me the exact guidance I was looking for. I wanted a quality fertility awareness education aligned with my values as a Torah observant Jewish woman. I set out on a path to create the kind of support that’s so needed in the Jewish community and beyond.

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You're ready to fully understand your fertile patterns and confidently practice fertility awareness.


The fertility awareness method can help you prevent or achieve pregnancy naturally and better understand your hormonal health. Here's what's included in this premium package to offer you the skills you will carry with you for life.


1:1 FAM Package Includes

  • Access to recorded videos of the Embodied FAM course:¬†This is where you'll learn everything there is to know about FAM and how to implement it effectively with our Embodied approach.
  • 6 private sessions to customize your learning experience, answer all your questions and review your personal charts.
  • Chart health assessment: If desired, along with health and lifestyle recommendations and support to optimize hormone health and/or fertility.¬†
  • Exclusive chat support for questions, clarification, and anything that comes up around charting.
  • Bonus content, handouts, and¬†supportive materials¬†to assist learning and integration and to refer back when needed.¬†

Limited spots available due to the full 1:1 nature of this program.


Once your application is reviewed, I will reach out and see if we're a good fit.

Hey, I'm Pessy

I'm a certified fertility awareness educator, life coach, and kallah teacher. I bring together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects related to this work. I hold this knowledge as a truly holistic embodiment of who we are as women who move through cycles of fertility.

Fertility is a life force. It's not just about the potential for life, but our existing life as well. This wisdom is here to nurture us! It's the deeper work of reclaiming ourselves in this process that truly impacts our hormones and fertility in the most incredible way.

I'm certified through the AFAP (Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals) and I strive to give the best this field has to offer. As a kallah teacher, and Orthodox Jewish woman myself, I understand the nuances of incorporating this practice in an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.

I'm also a mom of 3 who personally practiced the fertility awareness method to both avoid and conceive, applying this knowledge through different life stages, including breastfeeding postpartum and transitioning off the pill. I get it. I've been there. And I'm here to support you.

You can find me on Instagram @reclaimwomanhood or contact me here.